Route ‘Marco Pantani’

Difficulty levels: difficult

Distance: 95.7

Altitudes: 1375

Route ‘Marco Pantani’

‘it is on the Carpegna that I have prepared so many victories. The Carpegna is enough for me’ [M. Pantani]

These are the routes of Marco Pantani, where he prepared all his victories. The famous sentence ‘The Carpegna is enough for me’ is very famous in the cycling world. Keep your eyes on the stunning landscape, but do not miss the sentencesalong the rise named ‘del Cippo’ where the famous sentence ‘The Carpegna is enough for me’ is remembered.

Starting from Riccione, this time, you’ll cover a lot of asphalt but believe us, the path deserves everything. The journey is all uphill, from 0 to 1358 mt. on the sea level. You go looking at the sea up close, you reach the top and you still have your eyes on the sea but, this time, you admire it from above.