From the coast to the hill, to the foothills of the Apennines. The landscape changes while you ride

Riccione has a hinterland that offers ideal roads to be ridden by bike. A changing landscape is simply stunning in so many different ways. From the Adriatic Riviera with its soft and golden beaches to the green plain, to the hills of Val Marecchia and Montefeltro on foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Appennine.

Not only landscapes, but also a lot of culture and history

Romagna (together with the north of Marche) has always been home to ancient villages and art heritage cities. Imagine the beauty of moving from castle to castle at slow pace by bike. A rhythm that respects nature and allows you to fully enjoy the postcard landscapes that appear in front of you. From the valley designed by the river Marecchia with the Rocche di Verucchio in San Leo, the Castle of Gradara where the tragic love between Paolo and Francesca found its expression. … And then Urbino, a gem of the Italian Renaissance era. Every little village is a jewel of history and expects nothing but to be discovered by you.